BizSmart Global Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week with Aspire to Greatness in Mumbai, India – Nov. 14-18, 2012

BizSmart Global India - "Aspire to Greatness" Mumbai, India - Nov. 14-18'2012

Students 12-18  years of age who attend Aspire to Greatness, November 14-18, 2012 in Mumbai, India and November 2-24, 2012 in New Delhi, India will be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and gain hands-on training in essential skills needed today.   BizSmart Global and BizSmart Global India, celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) which falls this same week in November, by operating this unique premiere  5 day program will run  at the following locations: The Cathedral School, in Mumbai, and the Ryan International School in New Delhi.  Both sites will provide students the rare opportunity to hear from industry experts and work on a real world business problem provided by the award winning social enterprise, d.light design.

Students work in teams to collaborate to solve the business problem that they are given from d.light design.  By taking on executive  roles of Chief Executive Officer ( the project manager in this context), Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sales Officer they work together to create their product design, go to market strategy, including sales, marketing, manufacturing and  and distribution plans, as well as  cost analysis and their forecast for sustainability. Teams present their product innovation and support documents in a competition judged by executives and investors.  Students gain practical business knowledge throughout the process mentored by successful entrepreneurs and executives.  They learn design thinking, problem solving, competitive analysis, and market strategy. They practice team building, public speaking and critical thinking.

To learn more about Aspire to Greatness and to apply on-line, please see BizSmart Global India at:  Tell your friends, you won’t to miss out!

Entrepreneurial skills, behaviors and attitudes have never been more needed to solve the challenging problems that face our world today.

Why are entrepreneurial skills important?  According to the Kauffman foundation, curiosity about the world , natural creativity, willingness to take risks, and unbridled enthusiasm add up to the characteristics of our greatest entrepreneurs.

BizSmart Global, based in the Silicon Valley CA. provides seminars, programs and special events to inspire and train young entrepreneurs worldwide.  We are honored to have partnerships with great companies such as Microsoft, and Microsoft BizSpark, the Keiretsu Forum, Garage Technology Ventures, and the Alliance of Chief Executive Officers and WAGIC.. In addition, we applaud the dozens of successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures, Howard Charney of Cisco, Kevin Surace of Serious Energy, Ned Tozun of d.light design and Burt Hamner of Hydrovolts to name only a few out of the many, who provide their time, talent and wisdom to share their wisdom with our students.




Camp BizSmart Inspires Young Entrepreneurs AT PUNAHOU

Camp BizSmart is a business and entrepreneur academy that gives students  aged 11-15 the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills. During the course, students work with an established company to develop business plans for real products.  This video was created by students in the multi-media program at Punahou for Punavision.    Since 2009, Camp BizSmart has inspired and trained young entrepreneurs in Hawaii with programs operating at the prestigious private school, Punahou, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Many entrepreneurs have come from the premiere school including, Steve Case, Pierre Omidyar, and even the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.  Students who are 12-18 worldwide may attend programs through BizSmart Global  and BizSmart Global India in addition to the programs provided by Camp BizSmart.

For more information, please visit: 

For additional program operated by BizSmart Global and BizSmart Global India please their respective websites.

BizMe – Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will! Launches July 2012

Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will!

Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Co-founder of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global created  BizMe: “Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will!”  five day session to challenge students purposefully  gain essential skills that will help them to pursue and achieve their goals and therefore control their own destiny. The launch of the first session was held at John F. Kennedy University in San Jose, CA on July 9-13, 2012.

Why talk about about controlling your destiny?  Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi  (1869-1948) wrote the following:


‘Your beliefs become your values,Your values become your thoughts,                                                                                                                                                                                     Your thoughts become your words,Your words become your actions,                                                                                                                                                                                       Your actions become your habits,Your habits become your destiny.”

Students worked in teams of three as they gained skills in self awareness and goal setting and their own individual BizMe plan.  Students prepared their individual  BizMe Plan to be ready to present it to a panel of judges who listened for a thoughtful and compelling plan to achieve the goals the student was pursuing.

Biz Me Plan Elements

Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Cofounder of BizSmart Global along with Dr. Ellen Pieterse, lead the students through BizMe curriculum.  Dr. Mike as the students call him, is an organizational psychologist and consultant to  Fortune 500 companies internationally.  Dr. Ellen, is an executive coach and trainer also to Fortune 500 companies.  Together they were able to guide the students through skill building, hands-on exercises to gain the essential understanding and skills needed for the BizMe plan competition and later in their academic and career objectives.

Dr. Ellen Pieterse, BizMe Camp Director and executive coach expert

BizMe Competition Winning Team: Emilio Moreno, Crystal Cervantes and Meagan Benensohn

The students were also competing for the overall most compelling personal BizMe Plan, and the title of  “entrepreneur of the year” for this session.  Meagan Benensohn received this honor and was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend the Camp BizSmart  Stanford University 10 day business and entrepreneur academy on July 23-Aug 3, 2012.

Meagan Benesohn named "entrepreneur of the year" for this session with BizMe Camp Directors Dr. Mike Gibbs and Dr. Ellen Pieterse

Dr. Mike Gibbs, Peggy Gibbs and Dr. Ellen Pieterse, judged the BizMe presentations

During the five day BizMe Academy, students listened to successful young student  entrepreneurs, each with a different area of interest and talents. Three of the four students who appeared were past Camp BizSmart graduates who also had the distinction of being on winning student business competition teams.  As part of their award for being a winning team, students went to the corporate offices of the company who had sponsored their business case and met with the top executives about their teams’ business product solution.  Sandra Herchen who had been on a Camp BizSmart  Neurosky team in 2011, told about how she had obtained an internship with Neurosky, accomplished by not only having the skills that they needed, but also because she was patient though persistent to wait for the right moment when an internship opportunity came available that matched her talents and the company’s timing.  Claire Wang, a 2010 Camp BizSmart graduate and a winning team for Club One Fitness, told how she achieved her personal goals through dedication to hard work and percise team work to be  an Olympic champion swimming on the highly recognized women’s synchronized swimming team. Gregory Hosano, Camp BizSmart graduate, 2010 and team Hara winner, talked about writing for Teens in Tech, interning at the at Stanford.  Finally, Anshul Samar, who the founders of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global met in 2009, has spoken to our students about starting up his own company, Alchemist Empire Inc., which allowed him to produce his Elementeo Chemistry Card game, when in the 6th grade.    While it took him 3 years to achieve his goal of running his own company, he says the following: ” My entrepreneurial journey has been a wild adventure.  Anyone at any age can indeed create a reality out of his/her dreams, combat with the obstacles, and conquer the world! ”  Anshul was preparing to enter Stanford University in September and was also able to talk about having an academic goal.  These four students all with different skills, talents, interests and goals,  provided the BizMe students with their own examples of how they had each achieved goals through thoughtful planning, setting objectives, hard work  and persistence.

Teen Entrepreneurs with Dr, Mike, tell their personal stories, Sandra Herchen, Anshul Samar, Claire Wang, and Gregory Hosano with BizMe students

In addition, there were older entrepreneurs who had years of success and career wisdom to share with the students. Guy Berry is a successful commercial pilot and Brian Moran is a successful musician, composer and teacher.

Dr. Mike Gibbs with Guy Berry and Brian Moran

Harry Motro, was the CEO of Infoseek, is a successful multi-media artist and also  a psychologist.

Harry Motro with student Sam Baron

Students discussed their interests, passions, talents and skills and learned how to set goals and objectives to achieve their objectives in life.  They also gained skills in how to tell their personal story and present their vision and plan to achieve their goals.  As Dr. Mike would say, many people have dreams, but successful entrepreneurs have goals.

Aditya Reddy Camp BizSmart Graduate, Student Entrepreneur and Facilitator listens to ideas from students

BizMe Logo created by student


Keeping up with the winning team


Any reader who has been keeping up with the recap of our very first Innovate This! event will have seen that coming out in first place was no simple feat. Our students went through a full day of rapid-cycle design to tackle an existing problem for moms and toddlers, and each team came up with an impressive solution. Congratulations again to SUPS team members Hari, Lance, Nicholas and Shivaani for taking first place with their innovative design!

This week, the winning team members met up with Ken Johnson, VP of Idea Development at local design firm WAGIC, and Yugen Lockhart, WAGIC designer, to test out how far this idea can go. Ken led the meeting as a client meeting, and asked questions to better understand the team, their perspective, and of course their product and its context.

For anyone thinking about their next big idea, or who thinks they are ready to take a product to market, Ken emphasized a few universal points that need to be taken into consideration.  Continue reading →

Behind the scenes at Innovate This! Part 3

Hari refining pitch

This is the final post in chronicling our very first Innovate This! event on March 17, 2012: Part 1, Part 2

We left off with 3 teams still standing from the original 12. The judges’ next and final task was to narrow these teams down to 1. This was not easy, considering the caliber of presentation skills, depth of responses, and quality of designs.  Our fantastic panel of judges, a balanced mix of industrial designers and angel investors, had their work cut out for them because each team presented wonderfully, but they also had the experience and expertise to carefully evaluate each final pitch against the criteria set out from the beginning.

To involve all of the teen innovators in this process, the students who were not in the top 3 teams had the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite design. Even though everyone seemed up for being part of the vote at the time, looking back, we realize this was not an easy thing to ask. It was of course fraught with potential peer pressure and social dynamics, but we totally respect that everyone participated! The student group became the 5th judge on the panel, and their voice was incorporated into the final vote, though the end result was not quite what they might have expected… Continue reading →

Behind the scenes at Innovate This! Part 2

Creativity Innovate This

This is part of a series of posts that chronicle our very first Innovate This! on March 17, 2012: Part 1, Part 3

We certainly didn’t envy the task we laid out for our esteemed panel of judges at Innovate This! It was not easy to narrow down the pool of 12 top contenders to only 3 finalists when all products had impressive elements of design. The judges deliberated longer than we had imagined, noting the high level of competition from the initial pitch round.

To navigate this task, the judges followed the judging criteria we had distributed to the students before the competition:

1. Teamwork and collaboration (10 pts)

2. Cool reward (10 pts)

3. Creates significant value (10 pts)

4. Meets design criteria (15 pts)

5. Dramatic, eye-catcing design (15 pts)

6. Potential for market success (20 pts)

7. Delights moms (20 pts)

In the end, the distribution favored products that effectively defined and addressed the product requirements and consumer needs. And finally, the day’s top three teams were named…  Continue reading →

Behind the scenes at Innovate This! Part 1


This is the first in a series of posts that chronicle our very first Innovate This! event on March 17, 2012: Part 2, Part 3

50 teens brought their A-game to Microsoft’s Mountain View campus this Saturday, and worked through a day of problem-solving, design and creative challenges. They formed 12 teams and got right to business – there was no time to lose in this fast-paced day. In 8 short hours, our teen innovators came up with 12 unique, mind-blowing solutions for the perfect drinking vessel for toddlers (read design challenge).

Thanks to moms Marin and Amanda, and also to toddlers Cleo and Lila!

To help students contextualize the challenge, we invited expert moms and toddlers to provide on the spot feedback to students, giving teen inventors the chance to deeply understand the needs, concerns and desires of their target customer. Some teams used this resource extremely well – coming back with questions and consistently gaining valuable insight as to how their potential product might fare out on the real world market. In the end, moms wished for a simple to use, easy to clean, safe and developmentally-appropriate drinking vessel to help transition their toddlers to using everyday cups.

The innovative solutions ranged from vessels of different shapes and materials, to an entirely hands-free invention. GREAT JOB to all of our teams who persisted through each rapid-cycle design stage – our staff and faculty were truly impressed by your dedication! While the judges were watching for teams who stood out in every regard including teamwork and presentation, top points were rewarded for the following factors: meets design criteria, dramatic, eye-catching design, potential for market success, delights moms. In narrowing the teams down to the final three, and finally down to the first place winner, the judges consistently rewarded the teams who prioritized their target customers in an innovative way. But it wasn’t easy – more on the judges’ decision coming up.

Mystery design challenge — Revealed

We’ve thought long and hard about this, kept up with countless blogs and forums, discussed with design and industry experts, and of course, we’ve spoken extensively to the target customer. We wanted to give you something flashy and hip, but in the end we settled on a simple problem (with an elusive solution) with huge market potential (doesn’t mean you can’t make it flashy and hip!). Continue reading →

What will you innovate?

We had a great turnout yesterday at our Mystery Object Reveal event at the Microsoft Store in Valley Fair. Thanks to all the dedicated young entrepreneurs for coming out, and we were happy to meet new faces as well!

We hope you found it worth your while to get a few days’ head start, and to mingle with each other prior to the event. Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, keep a close watch on this website over the next few days. We will announce the Mystery Object and full specs to the public by Wednesday morning. Everyone will have plenty of time to brainstorm ideas, do some preliminary market research, or just get PUMPED about Innovate This!

There are still 5 days left to register as an individual or with your friends as a team. Sign up now to join students from all over the Bay Area and beyond who are already confirmed to attend.

We can guarantee you that this is a one-of-a-kind, invention-focused event for teens. We will have design and industry experts on hand, ready to mentor students through the process. The day is not for the faint-hearted, but rather for innovators who are passionate about products, fast-cycle invention, meeting new people and creating value. We do not know when we will offer this event again.

Still on the fence about participating? Call us directly at 408-395-1937 to ask any last-minute questions.

Mystery object reveal this Sunday

Microsoft Store Logo

We have received suggestions, questions and bribes (kidding…) about the Mystery Object to be invented at our inaugural launch event. Just a few more days and you can find out what it is in person!

When: Sunday, March 11, 4 pm (we will hang out to answer questions until 6 pm)

Where: Microsoft Store, Westfield Valley Fair Mall (across from Santanta Row), San Jose 

Why: Too many reasons to count, but here’s a few:

1. Get a head start. If you haven’t realized yet, this is a competition and the stakes are high. Teams are ready to take first place and design a prototype with professional designers. This is your chance to find out about the Mystery Object before we let the general public know sometime next week.

2. Meet new teammates. If you signed up as an individual, or as a smaller team, this is the perfect chance to mingle and scope out potential teammates. You will still have a chance at Innovate This!, but why not take this casual opportunity to do so beforehand?

3. Learn about Innovate This! If you have been living in a cave and don’t know much about the most disruptive event of the year yet, come find out more and meet our BizSmart Global team!

4. Play games! Try out any Xbox or Kinect games with new friends you make while you are there. You might even get to play against Dr. Mike…

See you on Sunday!